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Ball - Valve.

Ball - Valve.

Presently polypropylene ball valves are used for heating and pipeline systems. They facilitate greatly the installation work and as a result any individual can assemble a pipeline by himself. Ball valves should be used to limit the flow of liquid in the plastic pipe. They have a lot of differences in comparison to the same taps that are manufactured from other materilas and have a lot of advantages in this relation. 

The advantages of ball valves include: 

- longevity of the product - such a tap can serve for about 25 years and even more, depending on the operation mode;

- reliability lying in the simplicity of design; 

- availability – the cost of the product is relatively low due to the low cost of raw materials; 

-rather small mass of the product that facilitates greatly its transportation, installation works and other procedures; 

- leak tightness; 

- nonsusceptibility to corrosion, various slumps and fungi;

- resistance to chemical substances that are used to clean pipes; 

- due to permeability it does not accumulate any dirt; 

- no preventive or maintenance works are required; 

- ecological compatibility of the product - it can be used for both drinking water and hot water. 

It is worth noting that when buying the product the attention should be paid to the following details: 

- the product shall be manufactured from the same material as other components of the water system; 

- the diameters of the pipe and the ball fan shall be the same; 

- the product features shall comply with the operating conditions.

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