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At repair and installation works of the pipeline the issue of connecting communication systems elements arises quite often. This issue is important as due to incorrect connection a leakage may occur, and in the worst cases a serious emergency case may happen. In such cases a coupling unit which is intended for such works shall be used. 

Visually it looks like a cylinder which is especially fastened to the ends of pipes for connection. In general, the work depends on the fitting that can be used for common connection or work as an adapter. If the installation works are carried out in strict compliance with the instructions, the unit will ensure a reliable pipes coinnection for years.

The main advantages of the units are: 

- reasonable price; 

- easy installation method (installation);

 - reliability;

 - long service life;

 - a wide range; 

- fast assembly and disassembly of the structure.

 Polypropylene units are the simplest in use and design while providing reliable connection for years. The diameter of the unit while connecting with the pipe should slightly exceed the diameter of the pipe - it is a necessary requirement for reliable connection. It should be noted that the pipe should not be loose in the unit: in order to insert the mating element into the pipe some effort is required.

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