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Male end elbow bend

Male end elbow bend This type of fitting is used to adapt a component to a plastic pipe.


Union Quite often an issue of pipes coupling arises when carrying out repair and installation works at the pipeline...

Ball - Valve.

Ball - Valve. Today polypropylene is used as a material for fitting the heating systems and pipelines...

Types of fittings for plastic pipes

Types of fittings for plastic pipes To date, pipes and accessories for connection of communication systems are used to connect them. Fittings are among such accessories. Accessories made from polymer materials are used usually for faster and easier assemblage.


Clips The application of this accessory is based on such factors as heat resistance and stability at diverse effects.

Polypropylene fittings

Polypropylene fittings The fittings manufactured from such material and withstanding the temperature of +95 degrees are considered to be an excellent option for application of such kind of pipeline in various communication systems.

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