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Our mission

VERO brand is a manufacturer of modern pipes and fittings made of PVC (Polyvinylchloride) and PPR (Polypropylene-Random) for consumers in Uzbekistan and CIS countries.

Our products are made from high quality raw materials with the use of Sarem Makina equipment under the Turkish technology, under the supervision and control of technologists and controlling bodies. It should be noted that the Company has its own laboratory where all the necessary procedures (testing, quality control, testing, etc.) are carried out. The Company personnel is represented by qualified specialists with experience in pipes and fittings production. When manufacturing our products we use only natural raw materials meeting the world quality standards.

Due to their high quality our pipes and fittings for heating and water supply systems are popular in domestic and international markets. This fact points to the results of qualitative and fruitful work over every element of the produced goods.

We guarantee high quality of our goods subject to adherence of all operating requirements including transportation, storage, installation and application of products. As a result, VERO products will serve you for about 50 years.

The Company is constantly improving by expanding the range of its products and always providing high-level services.

VERO brand is a team-oriented, professional Company producing the highest quality products.

Predominant features of our products

We are pleased to present you a wide range of products for pipeline systems under VERO brand.

Our products are characterized by such properties as:

- our goods have 50 years of working service;

- each stage of production is controlled by technologists;

- fire resistance due to inflammation resistant materials use;

- certification, the goods are tested for quality, the Company has its own laboratory;

- availability of the product due to domestic production, the prices of our goods are quite low;

- resistanse as the product can withstand high pressure;

- durability as there are no seams and joints damaging the property;

- convenience as the procedure for installation or dismantling of pipes and fittings does not require any special efforts, there is no necessity to stop the works at construction sites.

We always give attention to development of partnership cooperation and marketing, and monitor the market of new technological methods in production of communication systems.

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